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The testicle massage, or: How to learn to have someone in your hands.

Every person, who has testicles can receive a testicle massage - and will probably be quite happy about it. And obviously not only women can learn how to do it best here. Every body is individual! Testicles can look completely different and each person reacts differently to touch. Anatomical differences can make forms of touch impossible for some. For example, there are people where the perineum is mostly covered by the butt cheeks, while it’s rather accessible for others. Some testicles are close together, some less. Some scrotums hang deeper, others are very close to the body during arousal and tighten extremely. So, this text is more of a guide than an instruction manual. By the way: If you have testicles, you can of course massage them yourself. And this makes a lot of sense: it’s the best way to get to know your body. Should you try these techniques at home by yourself then you definitely always need empathy. How you combine them, is totally up to you. And if you’re not sure then: Ask! Pay attention to the other person’s signals.


To make it even better: Towel Cushion Massage oil or lubricant with a water base

Warm up

It’s helpful to warm up the testicles in preparation for the massage. To do that, you can take a warm bath for instance. You could also just use a small towel that was soaked in warm water beforehand. Wrap it around the testicles and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Make sure it doesn’t cool off in that time. The skin surrounding the testicles should be warmed up well in the beginning. Make sure your hands are warm. Sharp fingernails can injure the partner. It can feel more pleasant if the testicles and the surrounding skin are rubbed with massage oil. The oil should only be put on the skin once it has a pleasant temperature. The advantage with oil, in contrast to lube, is that it doesn’t get sticky and is absorbed by the skin. Should you be using condoms later, then oil should be avoided since it makes condoms porous, making them break more easily. There are lubricants with a water base that don’t have this effect.


At the beginning of the massage, the parts around the testicles should receive special attention: Take your time and massage the perineum, so the region under the penis and between the testicles and thighs, with circular movements. Pressure should be gentle and even. By massaging with your entire hands, pressure is distributed best. Concentrated pressure on one spot on the testicles should be avoided, since this region of the body is very sensitive. First, it can be pleasant to gently stretch the skin. You can massage and stretch it, by moving it between thumb and index finger. Especially the skin between the testicles, and between the testicles and penis, is easy to grasp. By gently pulling and massaging blood circulation of the skin is stimulated and a more intensive massage is prepared. This part of the massage can last five minutes or longer. How much time you give yourself for each step is of course dependant on the other person’s pleasure. Elements of the massage can also be repeated later. The more warmed up the recipient is, the more intensive the touch can be. Soft pulling of the testicles can also be quite pleasant. To do this, both testicles are gripped again with even pressure and gently pulled alternately. This movement can be repeated 15 to 20 times. Next, it can be nice to stroke your thumbs from the underside of the testicles towards the top. Meanwhile, the other fingers can grasp the testicles and massage them in swaying movements. It’s very pleasant for the recipient when all fingers are used for the massage. It can also feel very good when you use your thumb to massage the recipient's perineum with light pressure in circular movements, while the remaining fingers grip and gently circle and pull around the testicles. Circular movements on the testicles are particularly pleasant if they’re already warmed up well and supplied with blood. For example, you can circle the testicles with your thumb while gently lifting and massaging them from below with the remaining fingers. When you change your position, you can use the ball of your hand to apply pressure to the area between the penis and testicles while continuing to massage the testicles with your fingers. In this position, the fingers can also stroke over the skin of the thighs or massage the perineum. With a lot of time and empathy, you both learn what feels particularly pleasant. Especially for the first time, it can be very helpful if the massaged person says what he feels is pleasant and what’s not. Since the testicles are very sensitive to pain, good communication helps to build trust and relax. The warmer and the better the testicles are supplied with blood, the more pressure can be increased during the massage. The partner's reactions are central to the massage: the pressure should only be increased if the partner signals pleasure. It’s very sensual when the pressure of the ball of the hand on the regions around the testicles is combined with caressing movements of the fingers and stroking movements of the thumbs. Many men enjoy it when the more intensive massage occasionally alternates with gentle, superficial fondling.

Optional: Moving to a penis massage

Often the desire to also include the penis grows throughout the massage. Even if this isn’t the defined goal of the testicle massage, it can lead to an especially intense orgasm. If you want the testicle massage to become a penis massage, it’s important you continue to use both hands to stimulate the recipient in a variety of ways. For example, you can use the palms of your hands to continue massaging the testicles while your fingertips start massaging the penis shaft. One hand can also stroke the penis while the other continues to massage the testicles in soft, swaying movements. The moment the pressure on the penis is increased, the thumb of the hand massaging the testicles can begin to massage the perineum more intensively. The feeling triggered by this comprehensive touch and stimulation can be overwhelming. When the testicles are orally pleasured, two things are important: a lot of moisture, absolutely no teeth, and versatile stimulation. The wetter the oral massage, the better. The testicles can now be licked gently, kissed and circled with the tongue. Even light sucking can be pleasant. Why don't you try creating a vacuum and run your tongue tip over the testicles in the form of a circle or an eight? It’s particularly important to be careful with your teeth. At the same time, you can stimulate your partner's penis with your hand and massage his perineum with your other hand. A blowjob is particularly great, while the hands take care of the perineum and the testicles. And more men than you think will be happy when the anus is included. But you should never surprise an inexperienced partner. Tip: The closer the recipient gets to reaching orgasm, the more intense the touch can be of the testicles and perineum. All of these are, of course, just ideas. Find out, what the other person likes and combine the movements and touch that you have discovered. Should you have any further questions then write to us.

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