Five self-invented holidays better than Valentine’s Day

Before anyone starts screaming with foam at their mouth: “VALENTINE’S DAY IS ONLY AN INVENTION OF THE CHOCOLATE INDUSTRY”: All right, all right. We know. But: We also love to give cheesy gifts to our partners, lovers and friends. We love candlelight and Belgian chocolate and especially like to get drunk with sparkling wine. That’s why we’ve collected a few ideas for holidays that can easily replace Valentine’s Day in the future.

1. Every day you feel like giving presents

You know that your partner has been squinting at the pink terry cloth onesie in the shop window of the boutique near your house for months? You happen to have some spare cash? Well, then just buy it! Gifts are most fun when they are given spontaneously, from the heart and without expecting anything in return.

2. The day or anniversary of a beautiful decision

Marriage is not your thing, children think you’re too honest and definitions strain you? If you don’t necessarily want to lead your relationship in the conventional way, but still want to practice rituals, just celebrate especially nice decisions together! How about the day you decide to buy a bus and travel through different countries? Or the day you decided not to eat meat together. Be creative!

3. Your personal friendship day

Festive occasions are of course not only for couples. Friendships deserve to be celebrated just as much. Choose a day that either has a special meaning for you or just one that you both have a lot of time on and plan a special date. Drink sparkling wine at the lake, bake your favourite cake or go to the best restaurant in town. Whatever your budget, your memories, your preferences.

4. The day of flatulence

There are usually certain milestones in relationships: The first date, the first kiss, the first sex. Eventually, God, yourselves and money allow: The first shared apartment, dog, car, marriage, children, etc. But what is often forgotten is the important moment that proves our intimacy more than many other experiences: The first fart in front of the other person. Only when we can accept that we have completely normal physical functions are we really close to each other. So, think again: Remember the first time you were afraid to lift the blanket together? Yes? Mark the day in the calendar and celebrate it with bean salad and wheat beer!

5. The day the Hartz 4 comes.

A very good reason for exclusive gifts is that you can afford them. Prosecco is on special offer at Netto and it’s the 29th of the month again? Jackpot! Of course, it’ especially suitable for couples who do not feel like the usual from flowers and branches. After all, it’s free in nature.






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