16 DONT’s while flirting (tips from women to men)

1. These words are not making us hot

The words “getting laid”, “pick-up”, “getting into bed” should not be part of your vocabulary.

2. Shallowness

You should never judge women exclusively according to her appearance but ignore serious differences, e.g. in political views à “I’m a Trump fan and she fights for refugees, but fuck it, nice ass!”.

3. I lost my key, can I stay over at your place tonight?

Don’t use pick-up lines or pseudo-original openers like irritating questions.

4. An another pick-up trick …

The perfect flirt is an approach based on mutual interest between two (or more) people. What a successful flirt is NOT: The perfect manipulation with psycho tricks and pick-up strategies.

5. Never try to turn a no into a yes.

No matter which way the no was signalled. Tip: Turning away, walking away or short answers are a clear no.

6. Never try to reinterpret a no to a yes in any way.

7. Never try to reinterpret completely everyday actions as a yes.

8. Never try to derive expectations from a yes you interpreted

“I’ve seen you look at me”/”Don’t play the innocent”/”You want it too”. Urgent slap coming!

9. Directly is not always the best way

On the street: Never stand in the way of a woman or try to wait on her.

10. Never pull out a woman’s headphones to speak to her.

11. Do not stare at women for long periods of time.

12. You should never have dialogues with her breasts.

13. Please, leave your Wingman at home.

Even better, get him out of office.

14. Taboo: Lies

Don’t be dishonest about your own interests, intentions or views.

15. Also, a taboo:

Telling heroic stories.

16. Completely taboo:

Unwanted touches on bottom, waist, head, legs, feet, back, ears, eyelids, … Under certain circumstances okay: A handshake.





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