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Many words have already been said about sex. We find new words – together, with experts, with you. Sex education can be different than in a biological classroom and porn portals are not the place to learn about sex. But we do not just want to talk about it, we also want to show you how sex techniques can look like. Our tutorials show you every week a new practice or reissue of old classics – factual, realistic and direct. We think it’s important to show you what’s going on. And what better not. No matter what gender, what age, what preferences you have: Love Records is your platform for sexual education and new ideas.


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Sextutorials: because you can not talk enough about sex but learn better from watching. Porn is not a good choice in terms of learning, that is why we created Love Records Plus for you. We know that every person is different and likes and is good in other things. That is why we work with different performers and experts. Here you will find tutorials that explain in details and show how sex can look like. Whether you want to learn about new sex positions or well-known techniques like how the blow job is properly blown or how to satisfy a woman orally – learn here without any pressure to perform, well explained and with more fun.




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Try out new sex techniques

You are looking for new sex techniques and great content? Love Records is here for you. We are your sex guide for adults to refresh your sex life. Learn with our tutorials more about love, sex and tenderness. Whether you want to read about BDSM, standing positions in Kamasutra or Woman on Top: there is something for every taste. Find sextutorials for beginners or try out creative sex techniques and get to know new types of fetish. We offer tips, tricks and techniques for couples and singles of all ages.


The sex guide for couples

Our sex guide for couples gives you new ideas for your love life. Are you in a long relationship and annoyed by the missionary position once a month? The sextoys are dusting under the bed? That does not have to be like this. Break the routine. Love Records is your video portal for love affairs. Be inspired by our sex tutorials! Get creative ideas and enjoy your intimacy even more intense. Want more? Find more tips for relationships here.





Sex education tips for parents

Sex education – education not only affects ourselves but especially the young people around us. Today the possibilities and demands for sex education have changed and parents or caregivers are facing new challenges. This is where Love records comes into play. Simplified access to online media reinforces the responsibility for strong media education to raise and promote awareness. From the classic questionnaire to tips how to talk to children about sex education, we write about current topics that give you a new view on sex education itself.



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Find here funny stories with reports, interviews and interesting facts all about topics of sexuality, society and relationship life. Read about things that move you, make you dream and think.





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