Frequently asked questions

Technical questions & membership

Which advantages does Love Records Plus offer?

Love Records Plus offers real-life sex tutorials. You will not find that anywhere else. Learn with our tutorials about sex – honest, authentic and direct. Plus only pay for what you get. Get our tutorials for only $3.49 per video.

How can I watch Love Records Plus tutorials? 

For watching the Love Records Plus tutorials you have to open an account. Only after successfully register you have unlimited access to you paid tutorials.

How can I delete my account?

That is pretty easy. Only go to your profile settings and click “delete”. 

How can I pay?

You can pay with PayPal or with your credit card via CCBill. Either way you can always choose a new payment method when purchasing a new video.

How can Love Records help me to achieve my personal and private goals?

With our tutorials we do not only explain how sex works but also show you how it is done. Learn alone or together. We have created content based on your personal needs, whether you are in a relationship or just interested in sex – strengthen your self-confidence and discover new ideas for your love life. Find ideas but also read about other people and their passions. 

What exactly are Explore videos?

We call our Love Records Plus tutorials Explore videos. They should be your alternative to porn. Learn about new sex techniques with our experts. We show you different sexual practices and give you ideas on how to try out new things in bed.

For which age are the Explore videos suitable?

Basically our videos are made for all people who are interested in sex and want to learn about it. We recommend the age from 18 years.

Are there any tutorials and articles for LGBTS?

Your sexuality is not an issue for us. Our content is not based on any sexual orientation. Click through and convince yourself!

What are Love Record Minis?

You are in a rush but want to get read more? Our Love Records Minis tell you in less than 2 minutes what’s going on.