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1. Does everything of me look normal?
2. Is that bad?
3. Is my penis too small?
4. Do vaginas smell like fish?
Of course not!
5. Do I owe sex to anyone?
Definitely no.
6. Do I look fat in this jeans?
7. Should I change again?
Well… no.
8. Do I have to be sexy to impress others?
9. Do I have to be thin to be attractive for other people?
For sure: No.
10. Do gay guys watch other guys changing in the fitting room?
11. Is it embarrassing to come quickly?
No. (By the way: this actually happens more often then you think guys.)
12. Do women like assholes?
Can happen but usually: no!
13. Should I act dominant and masculine to impress women?
Not so sure. 
14. Is it a bad sign that I only can enjoy sex with someone that I know?
Hell no!
15. Is it bad that I enjoy having sex with different people?
As long as you are confident with that: Nope. Go ahead!
16. I am a woman and have difficulties to have an orgasm. Is sometime wrong with my sexuality?
17. Can I surprise my partner with anal sex without asking?
18. Can I try something new in bed without telling before?
19. There is no limit within bondage, right?
That is so not right!
20. I kissed someone at the first date. Do people now think that I am easy to get?