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Try out new sex techniques!

Always looking for new sex techniques? With Love Records you will always find new videos and articles that will enrich your sex life. Whether you are looking for BDSM techniques, standing Kamasutra or positions for the most intense orgasm, here you will find everything about sex and tenderness. Learn more about self-love, get creative and try yourself out with our tutorials! We provide tips and techniques for couples and singles of all ages.

Our sex guide for couples

You are in a long relationship but (always) feel like trying out new things in bed? Or you just got together and want to find out what you both like? Stay here, we have the right thing you are looking for! With Love Records, you’ll always find new videos that showcase classic, creative and offbeat sex techniques easily explained. We from Love Records know that if you stay curious, sex gets better and better over the years. Be inspired and enjoy more intimacy!

Sex Education for parents

Sex education affects us for a lifetime. Especially when we want to pass them on to young people. However, the demands on one hand on sexual education have changed dramatically: Smartphones, social media and Co. challenging parents. On the other hand they offer completely new opportunities of sex education. That means that comprehensive and up-to-date media education is essential today to alert children and adolescents of possibilities while promoting healthy self-esteem. That’s why Love Records is also about current sex education topics for parents.





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