Sex Toys

The term ‘sex toys’ describes all things that can be used to sexually stimulate yourself or your partner during sex. The best-know sex toys are: lubricants, vibrators, dildos, love beads, penis rings and butt plugs – although the selection of sex toys is much bigger. You can buy all these objects in sex shops and on numerous websites (if you buy them on Ebay, then take care to only buy new goods), they are presented at e.g. erotic trade fairs. The bestseller is lubricant: According to surveys, there is a tube of lube on every third nightstand in Germany. The acceptance of sex toys in society is increasing, Beate Uhse meanwhile even offers the first sex toy shipping for Muslims. The lubricant is compliant with the sharia: without alcohol and gelatin.

Thereby, women are more open than men about the topic of sex toys. Men prefer to give their partners toys as a present, than use them themselves. Nevertheless, 80% confirm that they have no problem with sex toys in the bedroom. Sexologists recommend using toys next to trying different sex positions in order to bring variance to your love life. In addition, the toys can be very fun when used to masturbate.

Trying sex toys is exiting. You should make sure to choose one that suits you: the biggest dildo isn’t for everyone. Decide yourself, what kind of toy you think seems fun. Besides you should definitely check the quality: Tests have shown that some sex toys contain cancer-causing substances. It’s your body and health – rather pay a bit more and get some advice. Vibrators, love beads and dildos are suitable especially for women. These can also be used for anal stimulation for men (of course there are also anal toys). Often toys are combined with lubricant. Take care to buy lubricant with a water base: Lube with oil can’t be washed off easily and provides a breeding ground for bacteria in the genital area. Similarly, you should avoid using lotions and freshening sprays in the genital area. Rather use water and soap: These can be harmful for the vagina and can irritate the skin.

Well-known self-made toys are bananas and cucumbers. There is no problem in using fruit and vegetables, but clean them thoroughly beforehand and put a condom on them. When using objects that aren’t originally intended as a sex toy, you must take care that they don’t get lost in your body – real sex toys are constructed a bit wider at the end, so the threat of them disappearing is reduced. After using the toys, they must be cleaned and kept in a clean place. Another tip: Don’t use glass and bottles in your sex life. Things that can break are very dangerous – as well as sharp objects!

Here too: Everything is allowed, there is no right or wrong. Try new things with your partner and get to know yourselves better. However, keep in mind that sex toys aren’t a replacement for the human body. They should only be used as a support for the mutual or own sex life. If you can only orgasm with a huge dildo, then it might be difficult to come with a normal-sized penis at some point.