Masturbation, also called solo sex is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal and pleasure. Up until some time ago, masturbation was considered as something abnormal and even as something harmful. This has changed drastically: Masturbation is the first step in learning about your own sexuality. Very important for sex: the better you know what you like in bed, the better you can express your wishes and desires, making sex more fun for the both of you. Moreover, men who masturbate often have a longer stamina when having sex. For women, it can help reach an orgasm more easily (although not every woman can have an orgasm, it doesn’t mean that she can’t feel sexual pleasure) Masturbation can also help reduce stress, encourage blood circulation, help depression and diabetes, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and so much more.

Already at a young age, children explore their bodies and can experience sexual pleasure, although they are not aware of it yet. During puberty, girls and boys get to know their bodies better and start to be sexually interested in themselves and for others. All on the path to becoming a man and woman. Even when in a relationship most people continue to masturbate because sex and masturbation are two different things: Masturbation can be seen as an independent form of sexuality. As already explained above, it leads to better sex but it can also be used as a way to increase arousal during sex itself.

This is the enjoyable part: try, try, and try! Explore your own body and find out what turns you on! Find a physical and mental space that makes you feel relaxed and take your time. An orgasm isn’t the target – its experiencing lust and discovering your own erotic fantasies and techniques. It helps a lot if you know your genital area well: Girls and women should use a mirror to help see themselves. Gently and slowly start touching yourself in any way you feel comfortable, always readjusting to how you and your body feel. Experiment with different movements, techniques and positions. A change of scenery might also be exiting (bed, shower, bath…)

In addition to your hands sex toys, massage oil and lubricant are great masturbation accessories. Both for him and her, warm hands in combination with lubricant and oil can be a real adventure. Whether it feels like a vagina to him or gets her wet quicker – using accessories can have many advantages. Although for anal penetration, lubrication is a must! Please be sure to only use water-based lubricant.

Whatever you use to stimulate yourself is up to you, though you shouldn’t use objects that are too hard or too fragile, as these could lead to injuries quite easily. The major part of solo sex is imagination: good sex starts in your head and needs time. Being patient will be rewarded – orgasms will be more enjoyable and more intensive. There is no limit to your imagination, just give into your lust – it’s easy!

Actually, masturbation is biologically vital for men: evolutionary biologist Robin Baker states that it discards of old and dying sperm, giving way for younger sperm that can stay more active longer (important for fertility). So have fun regularly, as dying sperm can damage new and young sperm!

Masturbation is the way to become a good lover and to be able to enjoy great sex. Only by knowing what you want, you can communicate your wishes to your partner and he or she can meet them. In addition, men who masturbate can control their orgasm better. Hereby, it is advantageous to not only use the hands but the whole body. Also a fact for women: regular masturbation can help to climax more easily.