Role Models – Typical man, typical woman?

Role models reflect the expectations of genders in today’s society. Whether you’re watching RTL or Prosieben, in other media or in real life: the typical role of man and woman is constantly forced on us. Needless to say, when we talk about men as the stronger gender and of women as the weaker gender, this is a prejudice. Nevertheless, everyone knows the typical gender roles: The woman as a sensitive being, always talking about haircuts and relationships. Men, who don’t talk that much and who are mainly interested in beer, cars and football. These stereotypes result in the different interpretation of the same features that men and women portray. The most common is presumably the interpretation of the “high sexual activity” of a man or a woman. A man is then known as the “womanizer” and is depicted as very attractive for this reason. Women, on the other hand, seem less attractive or are even called “sluts”.

 The movement of equality – Not only is this not just, it’s also completely wrong. Individuality must be recognised: Bye bye stereotypes. This has been understood by current politics and by the majority of society. Therefore, today, emancipation, gender equality and the equalisation of women are current topics. Success: In a survey, 64% of men confirmed that gender equality has been enforced in everyday life in the meantime. Moreover, only half of German women still consider the role of men to be the breadwinner of the family.

 Potential for conflict: role models can’t handle gender equality – According to the study, the traditional role models are still widespread. Some people are still not ready to accept that gender equality is more and more embedded in society. Up until a short time ago, the role of men and women was quite strict; men went to work and had to go to war – women stayed at home and looked after the children and household. The roles have change but this point of view has remained with some. It’s not without reason that there has been talk about the “crisis of the man” lately. Even for those who don’t yearn for old times, this has consequences: In the study, every third man stated that he felt insecure through the role model because it tells him how to be what he isn’t.

 Live your life and let the role models be – Let the role models be role models. They are a relic of old times and the roles are long since inconsistent with today’s reality – and this is a good thing. Surely, you can encounter problems with those who have not arrived in modern times or who are intolerant. Although, this can have an upside: This way you can learn to stick up for yourself and not just be a marionette of society. Have fun with the role models – just don’t take them too seriously. How to have fun with them, you’ll read in the next part.

– Role models can be fun: in bed
 – When in a relationship: 22% of men take the initiative when it comes to sex – but only 7% of women. According to a survey, 83% of men stated that they find it enticing if a woman wears the breeches: Nearly half of all men would rather be seduced than seduce someone else themselves. Girls and boys: try it! Seduce your guy for example by getting undressed in front of him and then taking the lead. Attempt to be on top first during sex. Tell him directly what you’re going to do next and lead his hands to where you want to be touched next. For example to your clitoris, if it helps you orgasm – and believe me, men like it a lot if you have an orgasm. The change of roles can be very sexy and a power struggle between you can be very arousing. Did you know that a dominatrix often has many men in high power positions as customers, as they love feeling powerless in bed?

The still existing roles models and the (luckily) increasing gender equality lead to a potential of conflict: it is often talked about the “crisis of the man”. This can easily happen if you identify yourself with a certain role model and don’t accept yourself the way you are. It is easy to flee into the safe haven or the typical man-model or woman-model. Every so often, society even forces this model onto you. Even very open-minded, equal couples seem to fall back into old role models. Surely, one of the reasons for this is the not yet satisfying, unproblematic solution to unite career and family. Like role models, politics and the economy still lag behind reality too.

In your sex life none of the norms should play a role. There is no wrong or right. Surprise yourselves by switching positions and seducing one another. Ultimately, many men can apparently picture women being the boss in the sack.