Pornography – harmful?

It’s never been as easy as now to access pornographic content, especially in our western, fully interconnected society. There aren’t many Germans who have never had contact with porn in their lives. Whether on TV, in magazines or on the internet – the consumption of porn is omnipresent. Meanwhile, 12% of all internet websites are of pornographic content and 270 new websites are added every day. This has become a modern “problem”: the distribution of pornographic content has increased due to the enlargement of the internet and the development of the mobile sector. Random sampling has shown that teenagers between 13 and 16 have already seen sexual content, this being the first contact with sex for many of them. This involves many conflicts: Porn films are not sex documentaries. The idea that someone can learn about sex with porn is wrong and leads to unrealistic perceptions. The acts are staged and the actors don’t reflect the naked average – they are chosen because of their genitals and the women’s bodies are rarely all natural. The orgasms and sperm are fake too. The visual appeal of porn can leave a lasting impression specifically, on young people. The consumption of porn leads, to many girls at young age feeling pressured to try lots of positions and have many sexual partners. Boys think that they need to perform for long time and be powerful.

But the question, if porn is harmful, cannot be answered explicitly: Current studies show that watching porn not only arouses, but that it also be a similar experience to having sex. So called mirror neurons in the brain provide a sympathetic feeling just by mere observation. Already back then, erotic pictures were used to create sexual feelings, for example the Kamasutra. In short: The consumption of pornographic material can lead to an experience similar to sex and has a long tradition as a support for masturbation. And masturbation has a clear purpose: For example sperm goes bad after 3 to 4 days and after 8 to 10 days they die off – which means that men stay fertile through masturbating. Whereas women learn about their bodies and their lust, leading to better orgasms. In addition, masturbation helps feeling less stressed. Although watching porn does not serve a reproductive purpose, pornography is an element of our sexuality. Then again, as already stated above, even adults can develop false expectations through pornography – creating frustration and relationship problems in real life.

It is also often stated that masturbation and porn can lead to a sex addiction. The existence of a sex addiction however, has not been fully proven. Generally this topic has not really been researched yet. However, it is clear that a behavioural addiction can be caused by pornography like in other areas such as cleaning, sports, gaming etc. In general: everything that is practised excessively, is bad for your health. The consumption of porn should not negatively affect your own sex life. However, it can enhance it. Just like masturbation is considered another form of sexuality, pornography also doesn’t ruin sex with a partner. And even the mutual sex life between two people can profit from porn: 60% of women in Great Britain stated that they liked watching porn with their partner to heat things up.

1. The American porn industry earns more than Hollywood.
2. 85% of the commercial porn films are produced in the United States
3. The majority of porn consumers are in China
4. Most sex toys are made in China, with the name: “Health items for adults”
5. Statistically men watch more porn than women
6. 30% of porn consumers are women

There is no scientific proof that porn consumption is harmful. Critics however, point out that viewers must be conscious about the unrealistic images porn presents. Furthermore, an over consumption of porn can lead to an addictive behaviour. But specifically crucial for sex: You can try everything but you don’t have to. First explore one another and find out what makes sex good for you. Don’t try to rein act things you’ve seen. Good sex has nothing to do with acrobatics and performance. If you don’t feel ready to try something, then don’t let yourself get pushed into it.