Oversexed – The new generation?

Johannes Gernert writes about the development of sexuality and the danger of pornification of society through today’s media, in his book “Generation Porn”. Is the young generation oversexed? When we talk of „oversexed“, then we describe people who integrate the topic sex excessively into their daily life. Thereby, the behaviour and the chosen conversation topics of that person are observed. This statement is confirmed by statistics that assert that young people for instance see group sex or exotic positions as the foundation to their daily sex life. The simple access and huge variety of pornographic content is named as the cause: Porn films are not just entertainment but meanwhile rather act as a specialist book for the own sex life. Nevertheless, the development is dangerous due to false education and the misunderstanding of the relationship to sex – as porn does not reflect reality. You can read more about this topic here: Pornography

The question is: Does the oversexed media really desensitise teenagers? The permanent imagery of sex naturally leads to people desensitising. Sex is no longer a taboo topic and an integral element in our modern society. But: The „porn generation“ equally knows how to deal with their sex drive and lust, as well as the generations before. Actually, it’s not statistically proven that teenagers have more sex now than back then. And also the age of the “first time” has not changed either.

In short: the sexual behaviour today doesn’t really differentiate from that back in the day. Of course, there are frequently extreme exceptions – however, these should not be generalised: These have already existed earlier – e.g. the book “120 days of Sodom” is from 1904.

The access to pornographic content is very easy today, there are plenty of videos and pictures available. Nonetheless, it would be very one-sided to claim that how we handle sex has gotten worse as a result of this easy access and that we are indeed oversexed. We should differentiate between what the media communicates with us and what we really absorb from that. Sexual content belongs to our daily life and should not be overrated. Indeed, the term ‘porn’ has been established in language – but this doesn’t mean that it always really describes something sexual. Especially because sex starts in our mind. We decide ourselves if we let the sexual thoughts in it. We do it, when we feel like it and vice versa. Even if pornographic material is available everywhere, it still needs to be accessed. Furthermore, how often we feel horny, has certainly not suddenly changed biologically. So no panic: No one is really oversexed.