Orgasm Faces

The “coming face“ describes the facial expression that a person makes when he/she reaches climax during sexual intercourse. Of course, everyone has their own unique “coming face”, many of them can also be described with stereotypes: whether it’s the “relieved smile” or the “unavoidable whining” or the “grim look” – everyone maybe recognises themselves somewhere. It is impossible to control your facial expression at climax: this is due to the fact that the body is fully concentrated on the orgasm and on nothing else. It was also proven in a study, when people suck in their tummies to look better, they can’t maintain it when they orgasm – because they lose their concentration. Just as people can’t control their faces when they orgasm, they can’t really control their sounds either.

If you feel like you need to laugh because of your partner’s coming face, you should talk to them. But don’t offend them – this face is very personal. Nevertheless, extreme expressions can be controlled to a certain degree or can be reduced a bit. If you are really disturbed by the face then you can just try other positions, where you can’t see the face e.g. spoon position or doggy-style. Or just close your eyes when your partner orgasms, just as if you were especially enjoying this moment…

Too many thoughts about this topic ruin the fun. The best thing is to just express yourself naturally. Fun is the primary reason and also why 99% of people have sex next to reproduction. Doubts about your looks or performance during orgasm can reduce your confidence and worsen your performance at the same time – therefore, it is better for both to accept the individuality of the other.