Getting to know someone – not as easy as you think!

It would be too easy, if there was a perfect strategy to meet someone. However we think that two factors are decisive:
1. A good portion of confidence
2. A bit of sensitivity.

Confidence: In order to increase your confidence and to overcome the fear of talking to someone, we recommend to practise in everyday life: Provoking situations that force you to talk to different people. Speak often to unknown people, asking for the time, directions and other things. On the one hand, you reduce the barrier to talk to others and on the other hand you feel more secure in the things you do. At the same time, you develop a confident radiance.
A good portion of confidence: There is no perfect time or perfect place to meet people: there are nice and cool people everywhere. Exploit daily flirt possibilities in neutral environments: Seize spontaneous opportunities and act intuitive. Don’t think of any pick-up lines or topics to talk about beforehand. Try to avoid these fake scenes, they don’t seem authentic and your conversation partner will quickly sense it. Another tip: Women don’t like body contact too soon. Keep the proper distance and respect her limits. Bad pick-up lines, sexist jokes and approaching her too soon, can be a killer for any conversation.

– Why is it always up to the men? – You might ask yourself, why women can’t approach men. Especially, shy guys thinks it’s attractive if women take the initiative. Some women worry that an active position could let them seem brisk and easy to have. In addition: Just like a feminine offensive can be attractive to some men, they run the risk of scaring men who like the chase. In general, it doesn’t matter who approaches who because both genders are hindered by the same fear: rejection. But rejection isn’t really that bad: Of course you’ll be a bit annoyed, especially because you showed your interest in someone and it wasn’t reciprocated – but that’s all. If someone has the courage to come and talk to you – react appropriately. Even if you’re not interested, then you should still let him or her know that you feel flattered.

A survey conducted by ElitePartner found out that every third single woman expects the man to make the first move. Especially young women like it if men take the initiative. Every second woman from 18-29 years old prefers to be approached than to make the first move themselves. Although this demand decreases with age – only 17% of the over 55 year olds still have this desire.

Making the first move spontaneously creates the best atmosphere in getting to know someone. Be relaxed and in a good mood. A confident and positive image is very attractive – a smile and a quick “hi” should not be underestimated.