Making women wet – But how?

Whether you’re having sex, while petting or masturbation: a wet vagina is essential for women. This is because the body releases hormones when aroused that wet the vagina. Otherwise movements could can feel very unpleasant or even painful if the vagina is dry. The wetness is different from woman to woman. Factors such as hormone fluctuations, alcohol or other drug consumption can influence it. Generally, arousal and wetness aren’t necessarily related: The vagina can also be wet when you aren’t aroused and vice versa too. Her emotional condition is important: If your girlfriend comes home from work and is stressed or even sad, then it is up to her if she can relax. Otherwise she can’t enjoy being touched by you. Don’t stress her or yourself. Even if her mind feels like it, it can occur that her vagina doesn’t want to play along. There is no universal tip for getting every woman wet. But – it’s not that difficult to find out what a woman likes and what gets her going. The patent solution might be: Test what she likes and respond to her reactions. In order to make a woman wet, you should take your time and devote yourself to her sensitive zones – both emotional as physically. Try to create a romantic atmosphere before you start the foreplay, for her to forget everyday life. You can use candles and soft music. Especially for women, sex isn’t gratification but rather an intensive, beautiful experience. For this reason, she must be in the mood.

Of course it can also be the other way around – every woman is different: For one woman e.g. time pressure can be a lust killer, for another a quickie is just the right thing for her to forget her stress. In order to support her natural arousal, possibly bring her in a relaxed position – or let her choose what position she wants.

If the vagina stays dry even when she is aroused, try using spit or lubricant. If you use lube then take care to only use products that are water based. Others are bad for the condom and the vaginal mucous. Lubricant has the advantage of keeping the vagina wet for a longer period, in addition lube feels better for many women.

We emphasise 4 significant factors that influence the wetness of a woman: 1. Mood 2. Emotional state 3. Situation 4. Physical condition. Women don’t really need long in order to get wet, nevertheless an interaction of the individual factors is very important for her to climax.