Losing your virginity – How was your first time?

More than 80 % of teenagers experience their first sexual intercourse between 15 and 19 years old, the majority of which are in a committed relationship. The “first time” is an unforgettable experience: For boys as well as girls the experience is very valuable. However the expectations are very high and the fear of the first time not living up to said expectation is equally great. Of course this can increase the tension and can for example, for men, lead to a premature ejaculation or no ejaculation at all. At this point, it has to be admitted that the fantasy of the perfect night with good sex and a great partner rarely happens the first time. Certainly, the first experience does not have to be in a relationship. Nevertheless, depending on personality, it can be the better experience because of less pressure to perform perfectly. Partners are also more considerate and sensitive with each other and can relive the feelings and sensations of the shared experience together.

Chose a place where you feel comfortable, your bed for example. Especially contraception should be a very important topic. Girls often decide to use a condom in addition to using birth control – talk about this in advance. In order to ease the initial tension it is preferable to start sex with foreplay. Stroke and kiss each other and each other’s bodies. While doing that, show your partner what you like: Bring his or her attention to your erogenous zones by leading your partner’s hand to these areas. Intensive kisses can be very arousing too. Especially women enjoy foreplay because it takes them longer to warm up than men. A lubricated vagina is normally the sign for him that she is turned on. If she is not wet enough, use lubricant. For the man however, the erection can disappear when the condom is put on. In this case just continue with the foreplay whilst he or she massages the penis, until he can enter her. Women hardly ever orgasm the first time, while men often climax too early. This is related to the fact that men are normally aroused by feeling her, whilst women need to learn about her body and his excitation first. With time, you will become more experienced: what turns a woman on and how men can have more stamina, can be learnt by masturbating. If losing your virginity wasn’t as you expected, don’t worry. A bad sexual experience can happen to adults and people who have been having sex for a longer time too. Stick to foreplay for now and pleasure each other that way.

If things don’t work out to plan, then just laugh about the mishaps. Don’t doubt yourself! Losing your virginity entails trying something new – and no one was born a natural master of sex!