Masturbation, also called solo sex is
the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals
for sexual arousal and pleasure ...

The first contact with sex - When and where? 

The first contact with sexual content is an individual experience
for every single person. The differences do not only lie in the time
and kind of the experience but also in the feeling and its effect ...

Finding and stimulating the G-spot

The G-spot is a 1-2cm big erogenous area of the vagina that,
when stimulated, may lead to orgasm ...

Sex toys

The term ‘sex toys’ describes all things that can be
used to sexually stimulate yourself or your
partner during sex ...

The young people’s guide for love  – Love records is your new DIY-site

Sex, sex, love, sex and sex again. We need to talk! Sex is way too exciting and great for us not to speak about it. Love records is a do-it-yourself website all about sex, love and sex education. Here, everything is about you and what you can do with yourself or your partner. We don’t just discuss sensual and emotional topics, we also give you tips and tricks for your own pleasure and for spicing up your love life. For instance, we will show you how to give a good blowjob or how to orally pleasure a woman.
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